1. Why do I have to register?
You need Music Mob to create and join events

2. How do you use my data?
We use your data just for informations regarding Music Mob events and side activities.

3. How do I create an event?
Take a look at the tutorial and follow the instructions step by step.

4. What is required to create an event?
Mainly three things: the audio file, the location and the time.

5. How do I join an event?
Easy, select it from the list and click "join", then the app will get the info and sync with the event's timing and location

6. Is there a limit of people?
No, the more the better.    

7. How can I invite my friends to an event?
Just click on "share" to post the link to the event page on the main social networks or via e-mail.

8. Can I use one of my songs?
Yes, you can choose one of your songs or one from our list.  

9. Do I have to download the song on my device? How?
Yes, the app will automatically download the song on your device after you press "join"

10. How can I amplify the sound of my device?
There are many ways, from the basic ones (put your phone in a glass) to something more advanced (changing the settings of the equalizer)

11. Do I have to open the app before the event or does it start automatically?
Music Mob needs to be open first and then it will automatically start the countdown and then the song.

12. Does the app work while in the background?
No, it has to be open to work correctly.

13. Does it work off-line?
Yes, once you join the event you will be ready for it even without wi-fi or 3G.

14. Can different devices (iPhone, IPod, Android) join the same event?
Yes, the synchronization is possible between different devices.